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We are developing valuable resources on Nigerian eBooks (sale and publishing) to meet the challenges of today’s book world. One major obstacle to use of eBooks in Nigeria is the inability of Nigerians resident in Nigeria to buy Kindle eBooks on Amazon websites worldwide. Whenever you try to do so, you receive an annoying message from Amazon that you cannot buy the eBook from your location (Nigeria and Africa). The Nigerian eBookstore on the Nigerian eBooks website has come to end your frustration in buying eBooks that you so much desire to have. We’re now building the Nigerian eBooks online store. Please, check back to see the progress of work on your Nigerian eBookstore. Many thanks for visiting the Nigerian eBooks online store website. Cheers!

Advantages of Ebooks over Print Books

Nigerian Ebooks Where To Buy Publish And Sell Ebooks In NigeriaThe versatility of eBooks or e-Books (electronic books, digital books or virtual books), their durability (they can’t get lost), their multiple device-use functionality, their eye-friendly interface (including choice of style and size of fonts), their turn-key availability (immediate download), their low-price, their portability (a whole library sits on a mere laptop, handheld phone or tablet), etc have conspired together to transform eBooks far, far beyond the pedestrian level of paper (brick-and-mortar) books. It is fast becoming difficult to see a modern, computer-literate professional (including students) who wouldn’t prefer eBooks to paper books. The sentiments some people attach to traditional paper books, e.g. their smell and feel, are largely personal feelings that can’t withstand logic and practical realities. If you don’t appreciate technology and take advantage of its awesome possibilities and functionality, you should rest assured you’re doing yourself disservice that you may later regret.

How to Buy an Ebook (e-Book) in Nigeria

How To Buy Nigeria eBook (e-Book) In Nigeria (Nigerian eBook Website)If you are resident in Nigeria, you would want to know how to buy any eBook (e-Book) you want to read and own. The steps to purchasing a Nigerian eBook or any eBook in Nigeria are as follows: (1) Have a bank card, which some refer to as ATM card, which may be a credit or debit card. (2) Go to the website of the eBook publisher or seller (seller), e.g. Nigerian eBooks (this website), that sells the Nigerian eBook or any other eBook. (3) Search for the eBook you want to buy on the eBook website, select it, and add it to your cart or basket. (4) Follow the specific procedure on the eBook publisher or seller’s website, which includes entering the details and billing address for the card you want to use to buy the eBook or paying for it with your PayPal account (if you have any). (5) Upon completing buying the eBook, you will receive a confirmation via the email you supplied for the transaction that will direct you on how to install the application or eBook reader (eReader) required for reading your eBook on your phone, computer tablet, eReading device, computer (laptop and desktop), and other devices. The most popular specialised eBook reading devices include Amazon Kindle, Kobo eReader, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Sony eReader. Do not forget that you can read your Nigerian eBook or any other eBook right away on your smartphone, computer tablet, laptop and desktop computers by installing the appropriate application without buying any of the said specialised eBook reading devices. The eBook reading applications are available free of charge on the eBook publisher or retailer’s website and on Google Play Store.

Nigerian Ebooks Search Engine

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